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May 4, 2008
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Rib Cage Posterior View by DCCourtJester Rib Cage Posterior View by DCCourtJester
Now that I have finally received my two children back… Sketch Book Two and Three from my Anatomy Professor… and beaten my poor scanner to death… I can now submit these sketches. <3 These have been the reasons why I have no social life what so ever… Sketches of sketches by Joseph Sheppard. So enjoy.

Comments are Loved and Welcomed.

Copyrighted: Joseph Sheppard in Anatomy A Complete Guide for Artists
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btw DCCourtJester, will you recommend any particular textbook or something (for starters) to learn the basics of sketching? I'd be happy if i could do just half as good as yours. :)
Let me dig out my drawings
books. But the thing you really
need to learn is to see, not sketch.
The problem with most people, is that
they are too focused on wanting to draw
versus seeing what they are drawing.
Thanks man i totally agree.

But the tricks are HOW to see and how to translate/reflect what you see into the drawings

and I guess the seeing part is the crucial first step of all, just like you commented. It's just like practicing medicine - diagnosis is always the tricks. When a same patient is presented at your care, a good doctor can see what a rookie doctor couldn't although they both look at the same patient -- seeing what other people can't see is the very reason a good doctor can make the correct diagnosis, which dictates how a proper management can be arranged.

It's pretty much like what they say "having eyes but they see not" (look but not seeing).

I guess what you said is the same pretty. When we untrained people look at the same object as you do, we just don't see the lines and shapes, highlights and shadows that really matter. An artist sees what other people can't see or wouldn't even notice, and a good photographer sees the perfect lighting/moment what other we laymen couldn't even realize it's there waiting for you to capture.
fantastic sketching!

I wish I had the same art skills. Drawing is really the way to get a "photographic memory"... and the great way to study medicine.
Thank you very much.
These are copies from a book actually.
yes this is exactly what I wanna do.

I wanna by by looking at an atlas and do my own sketching and make my own annotations to memorize the anatomical structures that I need to. At the same time I can eliminate those overwhelming, over-detailed information the atlas provides.

I find during the process of drawing my brain is more open to the details I wanna focus on and I can memorize more effectively.
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